I created this blog to honor the memory of Dan McGuire……..

Purpose: Provide a new way to understand and comprehend abstract nouns.

Abstract Noun: a noun signifying a concept, quality, or other abstract idea

It is the belief of the author of this blog that abstract nouns like truth, ability or change cannot be defined, they must be explained to be understood and experienced to be comprehended.

I have created a series of what I call Conceptual Patterns of Explanation. Each pattern addresses a single abstract noun. Presented as an image. One image for each post.

The process for creating the patterns is explained in my book: The Metaphysical Constructs of Quality.  It is available on Amazon.

Each post to this blog will feature one abstract noun, with the following features:

  1. Allied Concepts (other concepts that can be used to explain the noun)
  2. The Pattern
  3. The Intension ( no not intention) of the noun extracted from the pattern.
  4. A quote that uses the noun in context by a famous person or authority.
  5. A brief BIO of the author of the quote.